Management team

Jörg De Bernardi, vice chancellor Viktor Rossi, Federal Chancellor Walter Thurnherr, vice chancellor André Simonazzi, Daniel Markwalder (from left to right)

The members of the management team

Federal Chancellor Walter Thurnherr

Curriculum vitae

Federal Chancellor Sector

Vice chancellor Viktor Rossi

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Federal Council Sector

Vice chancellor André Simonazzi

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Communications and Strategy Sector

Jörg De Bernardi

Resource Sector

Integral security

The security and risk managers in the Federal Chancellery are responsible for logistics services, risk management and business continuity management.


Daniel Markwalder

Daniel Markwalder

Digital Transformation and ICT Steering (DTI) Sector 

The task of the DTI Sector is to ensure the cross-departmental coordination of projects, resources and administrative services to advance the digital transformation process within the Federal Administration.