Strategic Management Support Section

The Strategic Management Support Section has the task of drafting the Federal Council's planning and activity reports and supports the departments in crisis management.

Planning and early detection 

The Section, in collaboration with the departments, drafts the Federal Council’s legislature plan and its annual objectives. To prepare the legislature plan, the Section draws up a report for the Federal Council on likely long-term challenges with contributions from national and international experts. The Section also continually analyses global trends which could have a medium-term strategic crisis potential for Switzerland (early detection) and their impact on political planning (situation and context analysis). 

Accountability instruments

Every year, in cooperation with the departments, the Section prepares a report on behalf of the Federal Council on its management priorities. It also assesses all items of Federal Council business for compatibility with the Federal Council’s overall policy and conducts an audit of tasks commissioned by the Federal Council and Parliament. 

Crisis management

The crisis management team of the Strategic Management Support Section supports and advises the departments in preparing for and managing crises. Its tasks include the early detection of crises and the involvement of the cantons and the scientific community. It can also evaluate the Federal Administration's crisis management after a major crisis. In addition, it and conducts various crisis exercises in conjunction with or on behalf of the president’s department.

Conference of Secretaries General

The Section supports the Conference of Secretaries General and acts as its secretariat.