Federal Council meeting

Organisation of government meetings

The Federal Chancellery organises the Federal Council meetings along with the respective presidential department. These meetings take place almost every week.

Policy planning

A view to the future

The Federal Chancellery keeps abreast of international trends and develops scenarios for the future. This helps the Federal Council to make policy decisions.

Government communication

From media conference to Twitter

The Federal Chancellery ensures that the public is informed about the decisions reached by the Federal Council, by organising media conferences and on Twitter.

Votes and elections

Serving democracy

Along with the cantons, the Federal Chancellery organises federal elections and popular votes. Referendum and initiative committees submit the signatures they collect to the Federal Chancellery.


Promoting language diversity

The Federal Chancellery ensures that laws and official texts are understandable and correct in German, French, and Italian; some laws are also published in Romansh and English.

Federal Chancellor

The Federal Chancellery's core task is to support the government. At the same time it has responsibilities in relation to political rights. Working with the cantons it organises federal elections and votes, thus carrying out an important task on behalf of all Swiss citizens.

Walter Thurnherr, Federal Chancellor