Personnel and Resources Section

The Personnel and Resources Section forms part of the resources hub in Internal Services and provides vital support to all sections in the Federal Chancellery.

Personnel Management
The Personnel Management team employs all the concepts, instruments and measures of a modern human resources service to train, monitor and promote staff resources in the Federal Chancellery. Its key role is to support and advise the staff and management. It is also responsible for the training programme for apprentices and for managing events at the residences run by the Federal Chancellery.

Event Management
The residences Landgut Lohn in Kehrsatz and the Beatrice von Wattenwyl-Haus in Bern were bequeathed to the Swiss Confederation for the exclusive use of federal councillors. The Event Management team is responsible for ensuring the appropriate use of these residences.

Resource Management
The main tasks of the Resource Management team are:
- financial planning and controlling
- accounting and reporting
- supporting and advising management on resource use.

The team is also responsible for staff accounting, which covers all structural data, employee core data and transaction data relating to salary and time management. It also ensures that the terms of public procurement law are respected.

The Legislations team is responsible for authenticating signatures on documents required abroad. It certifies signatures from agencies in the Federal Administration, from the Swiss embassies and consulates and from foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in Switzerland. It also legalises signatures from cantonal chancelleries and organisations that carry out public duties in the general interest of the country.


Swiss Federal Chancellery Personnel and Ressources Section
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Resource Management, Adrian Rüfenacht

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