Communication Support Section

The section advises and supports the Federal Administration in all matters relating to communication and creates a wide range of communication products.

The section produces both its own communication products and products in conjunction with external specialists. Print products are the main channel, although they are often replaced by electronic media. The section’s product range also comprises video, photos, infographics and a smartphone app.

«The Swiss Confederation – A Brief Guide»

The Communication Support Section is responsible for the brochure The Swiss Confederation – A Brief Guide, which is published annually in five languages. For over 30 years it has been a standard reference work in civil education in schools, for people applying for Swiss citizenship and for anyone interested in the Swiss political system. There is now also an app, CH info.

Videos on popular votes

The section also produces explanatory videos to complement the Federal Council’s printed explanations on federal popular votes. The aim of the videos is to explain clearly, concisely and  neutrally the main points of the votes. The videos are broadcast on the Federal Council’s YouTube channel.

Corporate Design Bund

The Communication Support Section is also responsible for the strategic and operative use of CD Bund, and for its further development.



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