GEVER & Log Section

The GEVER & Log section provides service support for records and process management and logistics in the Federal Chancellery and Federal Administration.

Electronic records and process management (GEVER) 

The Federal Chancellery produces and maintains hundreds of thousands of digital documents each year. We ensure that chaos does not ensue when dealing with such a large volume of files.

Our main task is to ensure that digital files in the Federal Chancellery are processed and stored in a structured records and process management system (GEVER). This means decisions and documents remain easily traceable and accessible.

GEVER also enables greater efficiency in the work between the different sections in the Federal Chancellery.


The Logistics division is responsible for managing furnishings, equipment and material in the Federal Chancellery. We also coordinate all logistics services in the west wing of the Federal Palace (FCh, FDFA, FDJP, and part of the Parliamentary Services).

We also coordinate the usher service with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) during state visits and other major official events.