Financial Management of ICT at federal level

Most of the financial resources for information and communication technology (ICT) are budgeted in a decentralised manner within the departments and administrative units. The DTI manages the centrally budgeted ICT funds at federal level.

The Federal Council Instructions on Centrally Budgeted ICT Resources defines the financial management of ICT in the Federal Administration as well as the requirements and procedure for allocating centrally budgeted funds.

The Federal Chancellor decides on the allocation of centrally budgeted ICT resources for major IT projects in the administrative units or at federal level as part of the budget-setting process.

  • Centralised ICT resources for IT projects that administrative units are unable to finance entirely from their own budgets.
  • Resources to accelerate the digital transformation process for pilot projects that can only be planned at short notice. 
  • Reserve federal budget for urgent, unplanned ICT projects.
  • Resources for the introduction and further development of standard ICT services.