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The Digital Switzerland Strategy sets the guidelines for Switzerland’s digital transformation. It is binding for the Federal Administration. For other stakeholders such as the cantons, communes, business, science and civil society, it serves as an orientation with the aim of making the best possible use of the opportunities of digital transformation for everyone.

Digitalisation is increasingly shaping the way we live. With its stable political system and its great capacity for innovation, Switzerland is well placed to transpose its successful model of an open and modern Switzerland with its high quality of life into the digital future.

Against this backdrop, the Digital Switzerland Strategy serves as a framework for government action and shows where and how the authorities and actors from business, academia, civil society and politics must work together to shape the transformation process in the common interest.

The Digital Switzerland Division is responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of the Digital Switzerland Strategy.


Action plan

The activities to implement the strategy are published in the form of an action plan. This action plan is updated annually and sets out the strategy’s key measures.

Action plan

Digital Switzerland Advisory Committee

Meetings of the Digital Switzerland Advisory Committee are attended by members of the Federal Council and representatives from business, academia, politics, the authorities and civil society who address issues relating to digital transformation. The meetings take place several times a year in different configurations, but are chaired by a member of the Federal Council or the Federal Chancellor. They complement the work of the Federal Council Digitalisation and ICT Committee. The meetings are organised by the Federal Chancellery’s Digital Transformation and ICT Steering Sector (DTI).

Advisory Board meetings 2024

The Digital Switzerland Advisory Board deals with the current focus themes and meets on the following dates in 2024:

Previous Advisory Board meetings

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