Swiss data ecosystem

The Swiss data ecosystem is intended to promote the multiple use of data by stakeholders in business, government, academia and the general public within a trusted framework. The goal is to better exploit the potential of shared data. In fulfilment of the Federal Council's mandate of 8 December 2023, the Swiss data ecosystem project is creating the foundation for trusted data spaces.

The value created from data is maximised when data can be used multiple times and for different applications. This has enormous potential for business, government, research and society as a whole. Common data spaces will make it easier for stakeholders to share their data, breaking down the silo structures formerly used to hold and manage data. At the same time, fundamental principles such as data compliance regulations must be maintained.

Data space
A data space is a technical and organisational structure that enables and regulates the provision, sharing and accessing of data from different sources and by different stakeholders. Data spaces typically address the needs of a specific sector and are defined by their purpose, based on clear rules and standards. They are run by a data space operator.

Swiss data ecosystem
The legal, organisational, semantic and technical framework must be in place for data to be used effectively across organisations and sectors in Switzerland. This is the goal of the federal government's Swiss data ecosystem project.


The Swiss data ecosystem aims to create a trusted framework for data spaces so that data can be used multiple times for the benefit of society, economic prosperity and scientific advancement. Stakeholders from business, academia, government and the general public will collaborate to shape and refine the Swiss data ecosystem as a trusted, interoperable, internationally compatible and sustainable framework.

Further information can be found in the document setting out the vision and goals of the data ecosystem:


The Federal Council has adopted various measures to help promote the Swiss data ecosystem:

  • Implementation of motion 22.3890 'Framework law for the secondary use of data': The Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) will draw up the legal basis for the secondary use of data.
  • Code of conduct for trusted data spaces: The code of conduct contains governance mechanisms and standards that define how and under what conditions we as a society will use data in the future. It serves as a recommendation for the Federal Administration and is not legally binding.
  • Establishment of a single point of contact for the Swiss data ecosystem: The single point of contact will commence operations at the end of 2024.
  • Communities of practice: In order to ensure broad validation of the Swiss data ecosystem, two communities of practice will be closely involved in the work from mid-2024.

Prototypes in the context of a data ecosystem

The project for the Swiss data ecosystem supports prototypes that will help with its further development. These will provide proof of concept for trusted, interoperable data spaces. For a prototype to be recognised as such, it must cross the boundaries between different levels of public administration and the private sector, create added value for users and be scalable for additional use cases. For more information, please see the call document for prototypes.

Data ecosystem point of contact by end-2024

A point of contact for the Swiss data ecosystem will be set up in the DTI Sector of the Federal Chancellery. Preparations are under way and more information is expected to follow at the end of 2024.

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