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In April and June 2020, the Federal Council decided to reorient its approach to digital transformation in the Federal Administration and set up a new centre of expertise at the Federal Chancellery for matters relating to digitalisation. The Digital Transformation and ICT Steering Sector took up its work at the beginning of January 2021.

The aim is for business processes to be better integrated and data better used within the Federal Administration. In addition, ICT applications should be deployed as economically and efficiently as possible.

To that end, the DTI Sector can stipulate requirements, initiate its own digital transformation projects and support projects run by other government departments and offices. It maintains an overview of plans and resources and of digital transformation attainment and ICT performance in the Federal Administration.

The new unit serves both as the staff office of the Federal Council committee on digital transformation and ICT and works closely with the Conference of Secretaries General (CSG). The CSG supports the Federal Chancellery in inter-departmental coordination and in reconciling differences. The reorganisation is not a centralisation. The departments and offices remain the most important players in the process of digital transformation in their area of responsibility.

The DTI Sector with its 65 staff assumed in particular the main tasks of the Federal IT Steering Unit FITSU, which was disbanded. Furthermore, the Digital Switzerland unit from the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) and the Gever Bund unit from the Federal Chancellery have been incorporated in the new sector.

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Press release 25.11.2020 (available in German, French and Italian)

Digital Transformation and ICT Steering  (DTI): Federal Council confirms reorganisation

Press release 25.06.2020 (available in German, French and Italian)

Daniel Markwalder has headed the Federal Chancellery’s Digital Transformation and ICT Steering Sector since 1 January 2021. The Federal Council appointed him to this newly created position at the end of June 2020.


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