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Organisation Chart DTI

The DTI has around 65 employees, who are organised into four areas of responsibility:

  • The Digital Switzerland unit is tasked with early identification of digitalisation topics that impact Switzerland and the challenges these involve, with addressing the right partners in finding solutions and with coordinating discussions. Its purpose is to promote exchange and cooperation between authorities, business, science, civil society and political actors.

  • The remit of the Transformation and Interoperability unit is to optimise the interfaces between specialist applications within the Federal Administration and support the administrative units in the digitalisation process. The aim is to identify digitalisation topics of strategic importance to the Federal Administration and to help implement innovations in a user-centric manner.

  • The Digital Standard Services unit focuses on the management and further development of shared services. Many elements are used similarly across a wide range of fields. The content and governance of the standard services currently in use are reviewed and developed further.

  • The Digitalisation Services unit provides services that are important for digitalisation but which, in contrast to the Digital Standard Services, are not directly technical. These include the financial management of central ICT funds, controlling key ICT projects in the Federal Administration and coordinating and carrying out WTO procurement processes.


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