Master data management

The joint management of master data is an important element in supporting the digital transformation of the authorities. It enables citizens and businesses to provide their data to the authorities once only, thus reducing the administrative burden. It also allows the authorities to provide more efficient and more user-friendly services. In future, master data that is used multiple times should be jointly managed and made available for use by administrations at all federal levels and other authorised groups, while maintaining data protection.

At its meeting on 19 December 2018, the Federal Council approved the strategy and implementation concept for the expansion of a federal joint master data management system. The strategy sets out the goals, principles, implementation concept and measures for the future joint master data management system in a step-by-step approach. The first stage (2019-2021) focuses on corporate master data in the Federal Administration.

This stage first involved setting up the steering committee on federal joint master data management, in line with the Federal Council's decision. Both within and together with the committee, representatives from the departments, the Federal Chancellery and the federal offices ensure that their current projects are geared towards the implementation of a joint federal master data management system. To this end, the parties have drawn up and agreed the foundation for expanding the joint management of master data. In addition to clarifying legal questions (legal action area), the foundation covers, in particular, a common understanding of what master data comprises (definition paper on corporate master data), an organisational concept with tasks and roles to ensure that joint master data management is firmly anchored (organisational action area) and the ICT blueprint for corporate master data (ICT action area). The concept envisages that corporate master data which is relevant for all administrative units is entered in the Business and Enterprise Register and managed by the FSO.


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