Federal networks

Data communication networks form the essential technical foundation for data transfer within the Federal Administration and between the Federal Administration and its partners, such as the cantons or operators of critical infrastructures. Within the Federal Administration, these networks are used for both classical administration activities and critical systems such as operating and safety equipment along motorways or military and civil management communications.

Federal network strategy

In order to ensure that existing and planned data communication infrastructures are optimally used, the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) was tasked with drawing up a federal network strategy in collaboration with the departments and the Federal Chancellery. This was approved by the Federal Council during its meeting on 21 November 2018.

SB005 – ICT sub-strategy "Federal networks" (in French, German)

An important element of this strategy is the introduction of the federal data transmission infrastructures portfolio and the associated usage principles. The portfolio defines which federal wireline data communication infrastructures are necessary and which internal federal ICT service providers should operate them. Operating a portfolio means that synergies can be exploited and duplication can be avoided. No further federal data communication infrastructures linking locations may be established or updated outside the portfolio, i.e. the corresponding data communication services must be obtained on the open market.


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