Office automation

Office automation supports the activities of the administration with appropriate ICT resources, such as workstation systems including relevant communication and collaboration services, smart devices and printers.

Standard federal workstation

With the federal office automation programme, the various technical and organisational areas of office automation were harmonised in the Federal Administration between 2007 and 2011, thereby introducing the standard federal workstation.

OA/UCC standard service

In March 2013, the Federal Council decided that office automation and voice communication in the Federal Administration would be managed by the FITSU (now the DTI Sector) as a standard service from the start of 2014. The market model sets out both sourcing and the model for service procurement and internal billing for standard services.

2020-2024 ICT sub-strategy office automation

During the development of the new strategy for office automation (OA), it quickly became clear that using the potential offered by the cloud is of great importance for the reorientation of office automation. Various technical, legal, political and organisational issues need to be clarified before variations of the public cloud and hybrid cloud can be used in the Federal Administration. The Cloud Enabling OA (CEBA) project was launched for this purpose.


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