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The Swiss federal government makes its services available online via portals. The public should be able to access digital services quickly and easily. The Federal Administration's strategic guideline ‘User-oriented government portals’ sets out five principles to achieve this.

The Federal Administration makes its services available via online portals, allowing the public to access government services anytime and anywhere. In general, it is no longer necessary to go to a government office in person.

Citizens should not have to wonder what government office to contact with their concerns or requests, but should instead be able to find public services on as few portals as possible and be guided through the process in a user-friendly manner.

This is the objective of the Federal Administration’s strategic guideline ‘User-oriented government portals’. According to this guideline, the Federal Administration’s eGovernment portals should be interoperable – i.e. compatible with other portals – and place emphasis on user-friendliness.

The guideline outlines five principles (italic) when designing government portals:

  1. Government services should be customer-centric.
  2. When providing a new digital service, an evaluation should be made to determine what portal should be used: government offices offer their services on existing portals.
  3. Government services should be centrally documented: so that the public can find the portals.
  4. Portal operators should coordinate cross-government services with each other.
  5. Modifications should be made in the course of a portal’s regular life cycle: Thus, existing services should be gradually brought in line with the guideline’s principles.

These principles will be defined in greater detail in the portals’ target architecture and are intended for government offices that operate or wish to set up portals. A description of government portals provides an overview of existing federal government portals offering digital services.


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