Trials with e-voting

Since the project was launched, more than 300 trials with e-voting have been conducted at federal level. In addition, there have been numerous trials at cantonal and municipal level.


Catalogue of measures by the Confederation and cantons

The key element of the redesign of the online voting trials is a continuous improvement process. The Confederation and the cantons maintain a joint catalogue of measures with the purpose of ensuring this continuous improvement process and the security of e-voting. The latest developments are taken into account and known need for action is addressed. The catalogue of measures, which is continuously reviewed, adapted and published, contains the planned developments in the field of e-voting and any need for action identified. A schedule for implementing the measures is provided where possible. 

Risk assessment by the Federal Chancellery

As part of the redesign of trials, each actor now prepares their own assessment of the risks associated with e-voting in their particular area of responsibility. The Federal Chancellery's risk assessment addresses the risks associated with e-voting that have national implications. 

The Federal Chancellery's risk assessment is available in German and French.

Information on the trials

For the conditions for the trials and statistical information on the ballots since 2004 please see our website in German or French.