Overview of Federal Administration service portals

The Federal Administration offers many of its services via portals. The overview of the Federal Administration's service portals compares the services available on the largest portals. It is helpful in particular to those authorities that would like to offer their services on one of these portals for the first time.

In its audit report 20386 on potential synergies in federal IT portals, the Swiss Federal Audit Office SFAO recommends that the Federal Chancellery provide a complete overview of all portals and comparable descriptions of the services offered in order to support the state service providers in the digitalisation process. The overview and descriptions are periodically updated.

Which portals are described?

In a first step, we describe the four portals analysed by the SFAO: EasyGov, ePortal FDF, eGovernment Portal DETEC and AGATE, as well as swisstopo’s Geoportal. The overview does not cover traditional websites. Nor does it cover portals that offer information and services specific to only one administrative unit (such as the Federal Office of Culture's Arco portal).

Portal descriptions

The overview in table form lists the five portals, with a short description given of each. The overview simply gives information about the portals; no evaluation of them is made. 


Do you have any questions or suggestions? You would like to have your own portal included in the overview? Contact: alexander.kaempfer@bk.admin.ch.

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