E-Collaboration with «SwissTrustRoom»

Exchange information and sign documents electronically with the highly secure SwissTrustRoom (STR) portal.

The Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (FOBL), as the central federal procurement office, has concluded a framework agreement with Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd for the use of SwissTrustRoom (STR) by the central and decentralised Federal Administration.

SwissTrustRoom ensures the secure exchange of sensitive information, integrity, convenience and maximum security in the digital world. It also includes a signature service, so contract documents can easily be signed electronically in accordance with Swiss and EU law without any media discontinuity. Thanks to a framework agreement with preferential conditions for the entire Confederation, all interested parties in the central and decentralised Federal Administration can now benefit from a quick and easy procedure to use their own SwissTrustRoom in the same way as the other services in the Digital transformation and ICT steering (DTI) project management environment.

It is the responsibility of the office to decide for which purposes the STR is to be used. Based on this, it will determine whether and what ICT security documentation needs to be created.


STR offers the following functionalities:

  • Central calendar function and the possibility to conduct confidential discussions
  • Straightforward addition of notes to documents (annotations)
  • Integrated approval and release processes
  • Versioning of documents and information
  • Access for authorised users by means of web browsers without installing additional software
  • Immediate activation by the customer
  • Around the clock Managed Security Service, incl. 24/7 Service Desk
  • Multilingual user guidance in English, French, German, Italian
  • Calculable service model – pay what you use or flat rate
  • Encrypted data transmission and storage of information
  • Secure data origin (authenticity) and immutability (integrity)
  • Permissions can be defined individually with a watermark option
  • Strong 2-factor authentication with Mobile ID
  • All activities are logged (audit trail)
  • Operation in redundant, high-security data centres within Switzerland (ISO/IEC 27001)
  • Electronic signature: as an option, you can electronically sign documents both securely and in a legally valid manner – without installing signature components. The personal signature is simple to endorse using Mobile ID.


Mini-tenders and the quota management for SwissTrustRoom services will be ensured via the existing tool MTM (Minitender-Management) and can be carried out until the end of 2025.

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Digital transformation and ICT steering (DTI)
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