Gever Bund

The Federal Chancellery coordinates the electronic records and process management system in the entire Federal Administration.

Since 1 January 2013, the Federal Chancellery has been responsible for managing all activities relating to electronic records and process management (GEVER) in the Federal Administration. In particular, GEVER Bund is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the four-year GEVER planning strategy issued by the departments’ General Secretaries Conference.

One product and guaranteed format continuity

Currently, the new GENOVA program is the main focus of the project. A new GEVER product (Acta Nova), acquired in a WTO tendering process, is being standardised and will be introduced throughout the Federal Administration by early 2020. GEVER Bund is also identifying processes that are common across the federal agencies and so can be executed via GEVER preserving format continuity, thereby making cooperation between the departments more efficient and transparent. 

You can read more about GEVER Bund here.