Saint Jerome, the patron saint of translators (painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio)
Saint Jerome, patron saint of translators (painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio)

The Federal Administration serves a multilingual population, and so is required to produce publications and documents in German, French and Italian. Some official texts are also published in Romansh and in English.

Translation services ensure that all texts can be understood both within and outside of the Administration. Translation also contributes to national cohesion and establishes a link between the different languages and cultures.

Network of translators in the Federal Administration

The translators in the Federal Administration are organised into a network comprising, for each of the official languages (German, French and Italian):

  • The Central Language Services of the Confederation, based in the Federal Chancellery
  • The central language services in the federal departments
  • Translators working for the federal offices

Translations into English are produced by the English Language Service in the Federal Chancellery and by translators in the federal departments and offices. The Romansh language service is also based in the Federal Chancellery; a sole person coordinates the Romansh translations for the whole of the Federal Administration.


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