Around 340 people work in many different capacities, supporting, organising, informing and communicating on behalf of the Federal Chancellery. Our employees work to uphold balance, participation through consultation and democracy.

Precision and diversity

The Federal Chancellery employs many highly qualified specialists, particularly in the fields of languages, law, policy, communication, social science and the humanities. We also offer interesting job opportunities in IT, electronic records and process management, and in the digital transformation of future work processes.
Multilingualism is a part of our culture at the Chancellery. We are committed to a balanced representation of Switzerland’s various language communities. We also take care to ensure both sexes are represented equally at all levels.

HR strategy

The Federal Chancellery’s HR strategy defines how we do our jobs as employees and managers, and how we prepare for future challenges. Mutual trust, commitment and flexibility in the work we do are central elements of our working culture. We consider ourselves:

  1. An attractive and modern employer.
  2. Ambitious and encouraging of constructive collaboration.
  3. As leaders who lead by example.
  4. Prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.