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Project organisation


Parliament has given the Federal Council the task of phasing in e-voting. The Federal Council has in turn delegated the task to the Federal Chancellery, where the project is being carried out by the Political Rights Section. A project team of four people led by a project manager is responsible for the operational and technical management of the project. The Federal Chancellery is responsible for the approval procedure in relation to federal votes and elections and for coordinating the cantonal projects.

The ‘vote électronique' steering committee evaluates the results of the project so far and consolidates the strategic proposals for the project made by the Federal Chancellery before they are presented to the Federal Council and Parliament. The steering committee comprises four federal representatives and five representatives from the cantons. The committee is chaired by the Federal Chancellor.

The ‘vote électronique' support group is made up of specially selected federal and cantonal representatives. It advises the ‘vote électronique' project management team on operational and technical matters.

The ‘vote électronique' working group provides a forum for information exchange and defines best practices between the Federal Chancellery, the federal offices involved and the cantons.

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