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Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC)

The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) has two areas of responsibility: the Federal Act on Data Protection (DPA) and the Federal Act on Freedom of Information in the Administration (Freedom of Information Act, FoIA).

Data protection

As Federal Data Protection Commissioner, the FDPIC has the task of ensuring the protection of personal privacy. His surveillance mandate includes, to a greater or lesser degree, data processing activities by federal bodies and by private individuals and organisations. The Commissioner can conduct investigations and in the event of a violation of data protection regulations can recommend that the data processing methods be changed or discontinued. Finally, the Commissioner's office advises and informs private individuals and federal and cantonal agencies on questions concerning data protection.

Freedom of information

The principle of freedom of information enables people, regardless of their nationality or place of residence, to have access to official documents produced by the Federal Administration and the Parliamentary Services. As the Federal Information Commissioner, the FDPIC advises members of the public on gaining access to information and public authorities on the procedures under the Freedom of Information Act. If an authority and a person requesting information are unable to agree on access, the Federal Information Commissioner may be requested to conciliate. If this does not result in agreement, the Federal Information Commissioner issues a recommendation. If the parties are not satisfied with the recommendation, the authority concerned issues a ruling subject to appeal.

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