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Federal Chancellery

The Federal Chancellery with its staff of some 270 people has been headed by Federal Chancellor Walter Thurnherr since January 2016.

The Federal Council’s staff office

The Federal Chancellery provides services to the Federal Council and the Federal Assembly as well as to the population. It periodically adjusts its service portfolio to the new challenges and needs.

History of the Federal Chancellery

The Federal Council’s staff office is the oldest federal institution – 45 years older than the federal state of Switzerland itself. The Chancellery owes its creation as a permanent federal body to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Tasks of the Federal Chancellery

  • To provide advice and assistance to the Federal Council in planning and coordinating business at government level
  • To draft work schedules and business plans and monitor their implementation for the President of the Swiss Confederation
  • To participate in the preparation and conduct of proceedings of the Federal Council
  • To prepare the reports of the Federal Council to the Federal Assembly on government policy directives and on the conduct of Federal Council business (in close cooperation with the departments)
  • To advise the Federal Council on all matters relating to management of the Federal Administration and performance of supervisory functions
  • To support the Federal Council in its relations with the Federal Assembly

Legal basis

The status and tasks of the Federal Chancellery are defined in the Federal Constitution, the Federal Act on the Organisation of the Government and Administration and in the Federal Chancellery's organisation ordinance.

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