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The Swiss Confederation a brief guide 2008

Content and downloads:

Content, interview, history

  • Contents
  • Interview with President Pascal Couechpin
  • Population, Finances
  • How long has there been a Switzerland?
Type: PDF
Content, interview, history
Last modification: 09.04.2008 | Size: 3014 kb | Type: PDF

A unique political system or SWISS DEMOCRACY

  • 2715 plus 26 equals 1
  • One People, many rights
  • The four political parties of the Federal Council...
  • ...as well as the eight other political parties in parliament
Type: PDF
The Swiss democracy
Last modification: 09.04.2008 | Size: 1408 kb | Type: PDF

The legislature: National Council and Council of States or THE SWISS PARLIAMENT

  • The two ways into parliament
  • Representing Switzerland's 7.5m inhabitants
  • Representing the 26 Cantons
  • Number of voting papers distributed: 246
  • What "our people in Bern" are doing
  • Tackling items of business
  • Where great minds vote alike
  • The service centre for the Federal Assembly
  • Regaining control of Invalidity insurance
Type: PDF
The Swiss parliament
Last modification: 09.04.2008 | Size: 5504 kb | Type: PDF

The executive: Federal Council and departements or THE SWISS GOVERNMENT

  • The Federal Council
  • Where the 36 000-strong federal staff work
  • The Federal Chancellery
  • The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
  • The Federal Department of Home Affairs
  • The Federal Department of Justice and Police
  • The Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports
  • The Federal Department of Finance
  • The Federal Department of Economic Affairs
  • The Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
Type: PDF
The Swiss government
Last modification: 09.04.2008 | Size: 5154 kb | Type: PDF

The Federal Courts or THE JUDICIARY

  • The Federal Supreme Court
  • The Federal Courts of first instance
Type: PDF
The Judiciary
Last modification: 09.04.2008 | Size: 735 kb | Type: PDF

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