Public intrusion test

Swiss Post made its future e-voting system available for a public intrusion test from 25 February to 24 March 2019. The e-voting system is the first Swiss system with complete verifiability. The complete verifiability makes e-voting available to a broader public, and ensures that systematic malfunction resulting from software errors, human errors or attempted manipulations is detected.

In accordance with the requirements of federal law, the system must be certified before first use and the source code must be disclosed. In addition, the Confederation and the cantons have decided that completely verifiable e-voting systems must undergo an intrusion test before they are used for the first time. Intrusion tests stage attacks to verify a system’s security. An intrusion test is already being carried out by an accredited body as part of the certification process. The public intrusion test has the added benefit of including a large number of people to test the security of a system.

Those interested were able to register on an online platform and access further information on the test modalities.

Media release of the Federal Chancellery of 7 February 2019


Q&A regarding the public intrusion test

Federal and cantonal requirements

As a measure to promote security and verifiability, the Confederation and the cantons agreed in 2017 to carry out a public intrusion test as a pilot project. To this end, they have issued the following requirements for the system operators: 


Final reports

Based on a mandate from the Steering Committee Vote électronique, the public intrusion test was accompanied and monitored by a management committee composed of members of the Confederation and the Cantons. The management committee prepared a final report to the attention of the Steering Committee Vote électronique.