Federal ICT Strategy 2020-2023


The Federal ICT Strategy 2020-2023 focuses on the changes required to align federal information technology with future business needs and to optimally support the administrative business in the digital transformation.

It formulates areas of action and orientation goals along the following four main lines:

Sie formuliert Massnahmenbereiche und Ausrichtungsziele entlang der folgenden vier Stossrichtungen:

  • Thrust A: Information, data and process management;
  • Thrust B: Innovation and change management;
  • Thrust C: Client and service orientation;
  • Thrust D: Business and ICT interactions.

In addition to these orientations, the principles of the current ICT strategy remain valid. Thus, financial resources are to be handled efficiently in the future as well and business processes are to be supported by ICT services with a high impact and cost-effectiveness.

The Federal Council approved the Federal ICT Strategy 2020-2023 on 3 April 2020.

Implementation: Master plan

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