Electronic modelling for processes and architectures with Innovator

Solutions for business process management, data management, business analysis/requirements engineering and consulting

As the central procurement agency of the federal government, the FOBL has concluded a framework agreement with MID in Nuremberg and Zurich for the central and decentralised Federal Administration for the period from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2025, which covers the use of Innovator and services.

Innovator contains a business-wide solution package. The administrative units can have MID offer the services specifically required for their projects and obtain them based on the federal-wide framework agreement.

Innovator offers the following features:

  • Innovator Enterprise Architect Suite;
  • Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite;
  • Bpanda, end-to-end BPM (not yet available to order, conditions under negotiation);
  • Smart facts, web-based publication and collaboration in the context of models;
  • Toolbus, model migration from up to 70 different modelling tools;
  • OSLC Connector for Jira, bidirectional linking of Jira issues and model artefacts;
  • OSLC Connector for Confluence, referencing model artefacts from Confluence pages;
  • Stackfield, highly secure, end-to-end encrypted collaboration and project management platform with referencing of model artefacts;
  • SAP integration, interface between Innovator and SAP Solution Manager;
  • Various plug-ins for Innovator.


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