In April 2020, the Federal Council and the Conference of Cantonal Governments (CCG) commissioned the creation of a new organisation (eGovernment Switzerland, from 2022 Digital Public Services Switzerland). The DPS and DTI will work together closely to establish a coordinated strategy. A unit within the DTI Sector will coordinate eGovernment projects (eGoverment Bund) within the Federal Administration.

eGovernment Switzerland (from 2022 Digital Public Services Switzerland)

The Confederation, cantons, communes and cities are strengthening their cooperation in terms of establishing and steering digital public services in Switzerland. A new joint organisation is expected to make rapid progress, particularly in terms of crosscutting tasks, by building on existing structures.

In a first phase, running until 2022, a political platform will be set up to develop a series of standards. Although it will not have any decision-making competences, it will have a broad mandate and be entitled to submit proposals. The second phase beinhaltet eine politische Plattform mit verbindlicher Standardsetzung. Die dritte Etappe setzt eine Behörde voraus, die ein breites Mandat und entsprechende Kompetenzen hat. At the end of each phase, the Federal Council and the Plenary Assembly of the CCG will assess what has been achieved, and decide on the next phase.

In August 2020, Peppino Giarritta was appointed Digital Public Services Officer for the Confederation and the Cantons. He will take up the newly created position based at the Federal Department of Finance FDF on 1 March 2021. By the end of 2020, a working group will draw up the legal, financial and organisational basis for the first phase. These will provide the foundations for the consultation and approval processes at federal and cantonal level, which are scheduled for the end of 2021.

eGovernment within the Federal Administration

To coordinate eGovernment plans within the Federal Administration and assure exchanges on a technical level between the various administrative units, the role of Federal Administration eGovernment Coordinator was created. This task has been assigned to the DTI Sector at the Federal Chancellery.

Dieter Tschan
Federal Administration eGovernment Coordinator
Tel. +41 58 460 50 64

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