Protection against cyber risks

To better protect Switzerland against cyber risks, the Federal Council in 2018 adopted the National Strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber risks (NCS) 2018–2022. In the process of implementing that strategy, the National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC) was created. The NCSC works closely with the Digital Transformation and ICT Steering Sector (DTI) at the Federal Chancellery.

National strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber risks

The strategy builds on the work of the first NCS (2012–2017), develops it and adds additional measures to reflect the current threat situation. To flesh out the strategy, the Federal Council adopted a plan to implement NCS 2018–2022 in May 2019.

Implementing the strategy

The implementation plan was drafted in conjunction with all relevant federal offices, the cantons, the private sector and higher education institutions. It sets out who is responsible for implementing what measures and by when, and what objectives should be achieved.

To improve interdepartmental cooperation and to strengthen its leadership role, the Federal Council established a committee on cyber affairs consisting of the heads of the FDF, DDPS and the FDJP. The committee examines strategic and cross-departmental operational matters relating to threats presented by cyber risks, and discusses the state of progress and the development of the NCS.

National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC) 

In addition, the Federal Council took the decision to set up a National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC) headed by a Federal Cyber Security Delegate. This new centre is located at the FDF and is responsible for coordinating implementation efforts across the Federal Administration. As the federal government’s centre of expertise for cyber security, the NCSC is also the first point of contact for business, administration, education institutions and the public on cyber-related matters.

Florian Schütz took up the post of Federal Cyber Security Delegate in August 2019. He is the federal government’s main point of contact in the field of cyber security and heads the interdepartmental bodies tasked with improving efforts to coordinate work in the field of cyber risks. He also has the task of issuing rules on IT security for the Federal Administration.

Cooperation between NCSC and DTI

The NCSC and the DTI Sector work together closely on all aspects of cyber security concerning the Confederation. The NCSC also sits on the Council for Digital Transformation and ICT Steering (Digital Transformation Council). This interdepartmental body advises the DTI Delegate and helps to standardise business processes, data models, and ICTs and services in the Federal Administration.

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