Vice Chancellor Viktor Rossi

Viktor Rossi, born in 1968, holds a teaching degree in business and law from the University of Bern and a Masters in politics, which he obtained in 1996. He has undertaken further training in project and process management and obtained a Diploma of Advanced Studies in law in 2015.

Before joining the Federal Chancellery, Mr Rossi was director of Bildung Formation Biel-Bienne (BFB), a commercial school, for 11 years. During that time he acted as vice president and secretary of the conference of vocational schools and professional colleges of the Canton of Bern, and as president of the conference of commercial school directors of the Canton of Bern.

Mr Rossi joined the Federal Chancellery in October 2010 and initially headed the Records Management and Logistics Section. In November 2015 he was made the Federal Chancellor’s delegate for GENOVA, a key ICT project to introduce a standard records and process management system for the Federal Administration.

Viktor Rossi was appointed vice chancellor on 1 May 2019 and heads the Federal Council sector. In this role he shares overall responsibility, in coordination with the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Council spokesperson, for ensuring that preparations for Federal Council meetings and follow-up tasks are completed in a timely manner and to the requisite standard. He also has responsibility for the strategic, organisational and financial matters of seven organisational units, including the Federal Chancellery’s language services, and the Official Publications Centre.

Mr Rossi’s main languages are German and Italian, and he speaks French and English. He is married and has two daughters.