Personnel Security Screening unit

Persons applying for senior management positions in the Federal Administration are required to undergo security screening. The Personnel Security Screening unit at the Federal Chancellery is exclusively responsible for conducting these checks, which include interviewing candidates (highest security level) – primarily those selected by the Federal Council.

The aim of personnel security screening is to ensure that the persons concerned do not pose any security risk. There should be no doubt whatsoever about their integrity or trustworthiness. There should be nothing in the person’s life that could expose them to blackmail or bribery, and their conduct should not in any way compromise their own or their employer’s reputation. 

Interviews conducted by the Federal Chancellery’s Personnel Security Screening unit are a major component of this screening process. These allow a “rounded picture” of the candidate to be formed. This includes discussing their private affairs. 

Candidates are asked about their lives and careers, insofar as this is relevant to security aspects. This involves assessing their reputation.