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[ Federal Chancellery ]
The Federal Chancellery has published the 2017 edition of its brochure ‘The Swiss Confederation: a brief guide’. It contains information about Switzerland’s political system, the administration and its judicial authorities. The content can also be accessed on smartphones and tablets through the «CH info» app.

[ Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner ]
New technologies bring the world to us in high definition at the lowest of prices. When the government and the public both call for increased security, video surveillance is talked up enthusiastically as the answer to our prayers. However, it is by no means the best method of protecting the public in every situation. In addition, it can lead to violations of privacy.

[ Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner ]
The FDPIC has concluded its investigation into Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft has agreed to implement his recommendations for improving the transparency of data processing and the related user options. There is therefore no need for court proceedings.

Media portal

The media portal provides access to the latest news from the Federal Assembly: news reports from all departments and offices, press conferences from the Federal Council, speeches by the heads of department, the agenda of current events, etc.

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